About Us


On the fraying western reaches of the North American Continent, a spray of islands float. Volcanic in origin, this archipelago is ripe with seething sea, soaring mountains, spawning salmon, and softly padding brown bears, roaming the cathedrals of Tongass old growth forest.

Spinning Moon Apothecary spun into existence in February of 2019, with Leah Murphy and Zak Schafer acting as current navigators. Drawing on our Alaskan island environment, and interest in herbalism, we make custom herbal tea and tincture blends, as well as botanically-infused body care goods.

Located in Sitka, Alaska, part of Alaska’s southeast, our small store is bordered by might on both sides; sea and forested mountain. Being cradled by such unassuming magnificence is a source of constant astonishment, joy, and love.

Our intention at Spinning Moon is to continue our practice; at prioritizing kindness, at learning from our internal and external world, at kindly cohabiting with each other. We hope most thoroughly to be a place of acceptance and comfort, where you feel supported to find and grow the courage needed for your own practice.

We are a Human Family, a collective species that relies on each other for our very lives. Life is hard, it is bruising, and it is beautiful. We are thankful for the kind luck of your friendship.