About Us




As a Somatic Experiencing™ Practitioner, Herbalist, Yoga Health Coach, Leah weaves her passion for nervous system health, the wisdom of plant medicine, and personal practice into her daily living. She has studied and practiced yoga and meditation for over 20 years and defaults to living the wisdom of Ayurveda to guide her lifestyle of healthy habits.

All of this has been instrumental in guiding her life path starting with her own personal healing. Through grounded presence, authenticity, curiosity, and compassion, Leah loves to meet each person where they are at to help them embody a life of greater vitality, balance, and renewed connection to themselves.

Leah offers one on one Somatic Experiencing™ sessions, in person or virtually, as well as leads a year-long transformational program, Embodied Rhythm, a group course that teaches people the habits of Ayurveda that has the results of reestablishing personal circadian rhythm, living a life aligned with integrity both which lead to a life of greater heath, vitality, and joy.

Leah is grateful to call Sitka Alaska her home, where she lives with her two children and two cats and is inspired everyday by the incredible wilderness that surrounds her.




Zak first came to herbs more than a decade ago, after a lifelong commingling with mood instability. Curious as to how plants have been an essential part of whole-being health since the beginning of humankind, he began studying and experimenting.

Zak credits the wisdom of plants as being a core aspect of his journey from profound mental unrest to a place of more ease, openness, and the daily practice of engaging with life as it is.

Zak does not see plants as an ending or a “solution”, but rather as one important star in the universe of health. Through the thoughtful use of plants, we incorporate further thoughtfulness into and throughout our lives, we allow open awareness to bloom, and we spread wisdom into all areas of who we are and how we live.

Plants help us to remember our own natural and intuitive wisdom, our innate confidence, and that we have the ability and strength to be partners and companions in our own whole-being health, as well as that of all we share this planet with. 

Zak lives currently on an old sailboat tied to a transient dock. He does not sail though he does write, primarily poetry, and loves taking photos of tiny plants. See some of his work at zakschafer.com